Ross Richardson Bunting, September 11, 1834 to October 9, 1900

From A Splendid Legacy, St. Timothy's, Roxborough 1859-1984, by John Charles Manton.

Ross R, Bunting was born in Philadelphia on 11 September 1834, the only child of Dr. Thomas Chalkly Bunting and Almina Richardson Bunting. He graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia. He then studied medicine and surgery at the Midical School of Jefferson College in Philadelphia, now Jefferson University, 11 & Walnut Streets, from which he received a M.D. degree in 1856.

In 1857 Dr. Bunting went to France and advanced his medical career through his studies at the Ecole de Medicin of the University of Paris from which he graduated inJanuary 1862. He was amongst the first Americans to be so honoured with a diploma from this school.

Returning to Philadelphia, he took charge of the extensive practice of his uncle, Dr. Ross Richardson. On 2 June 1866 he married the former Isabel Hart of whom he was nine years her seniour. Between 1867 and 1878 he sired five daughters, tow of whome died in infancy.

In 1879 Dr. Bunting purchased from Joshua Hill a piece of land on the northeast corner of Ridge and Roxborough Avenues where he later had a stone house erected. From this residence he carried on his practice of medicine in Roxborough for twenty years, eventually rising to a position of prominence through his membership in various organizations and institutions, e.g., the Philadelphia Country Medical Club, College of Physicians, Saint Timothy's Memorial Hospital, and the Roxborough Home for Women (the Gorgas Home). He was the author of many scholarly articles and works in the field of medicine.

Dr. Bunting died of cystitis at his residence (5901 Ridge Avenue) on 9 October 1900 at the age of 65. His funeral took place at St. Timothy's Church where he had been a vestryman for many years. He was interred in Leverington Cemetery, but sometime later his remains were transferred to Saint Timothy's Churchyard by his widow. A large granite cross lies flat upon his grave.

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