Results, as of March 16 2013, of the CRCA 5901 Ridge Ave. Survey

On March 11, 2013, Central Roxborough Civic Association put out a survey to get public opinion on putting Fast Food at 5901 Ridge Avenue.

As of March 16, 2013, 576 people had responded.

To the core questions, "Do you approve of having a Wendy's at 5901 Ridge Ave?" and "Do you approve of a fast food restaurant at 5901 Ridge Ave?" the answers were clear.

? Yes No
Wendy's 123 (21%) 453 (79%)
Fast Food 126 (22%) 445 (78%)

See the Complete Results PDF Observent readers may notice that pages 9 and 11 are missing. Page 9 had some statistics about the comments (all listed below) and page 11 had info on who left email information.

387 people left comments. They are listed below in all their un-edited glory!

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